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Cornish Stannary Parliament
Stannary Information Office
9, Coombe Park,
Bal Lake,
Tel: 01209 710938

                                                                                                        2nd October 2000
The Lord Peel,
Lord Warden of the Stannaries,
The Duchy of Cornwall,
10 Buckingham Gate,  London  SW1E 6LA                                      Fax:- 0207-931-9541

Dear Sir,

Outstanding Account - 15th May 2000 - 20billion - Terms 120 days.

Our records reveal that the above account remains outstanding.

The Duchy of Cornwall has failed to address the underlying cause of the dispute that has now arisen between us, namely, the reason why Cornwall was charged at over twice the coinage, or tax on tin production, as that levied upon Devon.   This policy was applied over a period of centuries to the detriment of generations of Cornish stannars or "tinners at large" and their "heirs" as defined by Stannary charter, (1508).    Compensation is due to that group of individuals, despite your assertion of 30th May 2000 to the contrary.
Research by G.R.Lewis of Harvard University, in his book "The Stannaries", indicates a racial motive for overcharging Celtic Cornwall.   Cornwall clearly came within the definition given in the Duchy of Cornwall charters (1337/8), (an inheritance for the "heirs" of the original Duke), as, "other lands subjected to our dominion", in other words, not England.
The unique provision within the Duchy of Cornwall charters of an inheritance "for ever" has been applied literally for "heirs" to the throne as a constitutional fixture.   Strangely, both the "for ever" of Magna Carta (1215) and the "heirs" of the Stannary charter (1508), have, to date, not been honoured.   Consequently, these officially dormant charters have become the lost inheritance of individual rights as protection against the abuse of royal power.   This institutionalised discrimination in the interpretation of royal charters means, it is possible that the questionable authority for the above overcharge could, at some future date, be applied without legal restriction for the profit of the "heirs" of the present Duke.   

It follows that, if the powers to overcharge Celtic Cornwall at twice the rate applicable to Anglo-Saxon Devon were not arbitrary, but rested on the unchallengeable "for ever" status attributed exclusively, in English law, to the "heirs" of Duchy of Cornwall charters, then, Duchy charters are in conflict with all charters designed to curb royal power as well as in violation of the European Declaration of Human Rights.  Therefore, a priority in rectifying past errors and protecting Cornish people from future exploitation and racial discrimination must be for Duchy of Cornwall charters to be declared null and void "for ever".     

You will no doubt understand that we have a duty to promote equality before the law as the means of preventing history from repeating itself.   To ensure that the "heirs" of the Cornish Celtic nation have the means to compete in an age of cheque-book-democracy, your prompt settlement would be greatly appreciated.

Yours faithfully,

Keeper of the Seal,
for and on behalf of the Cornish Stannary Parliament.


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