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  • Association of Cornish Credit Unions (935)
    A credit union is a not for profit, democratically run financial co-operative which offers convenient savings and low interest loans to its members. The credit union is run by volunteers and is managed and owned by the members
  • Homes4Locals.com (1,085)
    A website from Cymuned calling on Councils to change their planning policies so that every new house is for local people only - no new build except for LOCAL NEED.
  • New Economics Foundation (949)
    nef is an independent think-and-do tank that inspires and demonstrates real economic well-being
  • SaveOurTowns.org (959)
    This site has been set up to highlight the ruthless monopoly that major supermarkets have gained (and are increasing) in the marketplace. The site founders are dismayed at the decline of their own town, due in the main to the presence of large supermarkets
  • Shops4Locals.com (1,019)
    This Cymuned site calls on county councils to refuse planning permission for superstores looking to monopolise the food and retail trade in market towns
  • Tax200.com (1,004)
    Another Cymuned site that calls on councils to increase council tax on second homes to 200%
  • The Power Inquiry / Make it an issue (1,073)
    The Power Inquiry was set up in 2004 to explore how political participation and involvement can be increased and deepened in Britain.
  • Tourism Concern (925)
    Tourism Concern is the only UK organisation campaigning on exploitation in the global tourism industry
  • Who Owns Britain and Ireland (959)
    The book 'Who Owns Britain' by Kevin Cahill revealed the hidden facts behind landownership in the UK and Ireland
  • Who Owns The World (946)
    Land ownership is an increasingly topical subject that affects us all in one way or another

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