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Cornish culture

  • Slow Food Cornwall (675)
    Protecting Cornish produce and traditions
  • St Pirans Trust (755)
    The Trust is engaged in uncovering the Oratory of St Piran near Perranporth in Cornwall, and in preserving other sites associated with the saint, including Perran Round and the Old Church. St Piran is the Cornish national saint
  • The Centre for European Research within Cornwall (CERES) (901)
    CERES is a small voluntary group, in membership with the Cornwall Voluntary Sector Forum. Its aim is to establish and maintain cultural heritage links between Cornwall and the wider Europe
  • The Cornish Communities Programme (646)
    The aim is to combine the insights of differing disciplinary perspectives, including regional history, migration studies, social and cultural history, historical geography, economics and sociology, providing bridges between bodies of work that too often remain separate. Cornwall, situated in the extreme south west of the British Isles, provides a manageable unit of study for this Programme.
  • The Cornish Pasty Association (655)
    The Cornish Pasty Association is a group of more than 40 pasty makers based in Cornwall formed in 2002 to protect the quality and reputation of the Cornish Pasty
  • The Roseland Institute and An Baner Kernewek (713)
    The institute is the base for the publishing activities of Lyfrow Trelyspen and CNP Publications. The former produces works on Cornish history, essays and related subjects. The latter, the quarterly Cornish magazine, The Cornish Banner An Baner Kernewek.
  • This is not Cornwall this is Kernow (1,879)
    For the love of Kernow. A gateway site dedicated to raising awareness of the culture, heritage, history and politics of the Cornish nation. Links to Local Information websites for those who wish to gain insight into the People, the way of life and the reasons for preserving this unique Celtic homeland.
  • Trevithick Society (703)
    The Society takes its name from one of Britain's foremost inventors and pioneers of the Industrial Revolution, Richard Trevithick, a Cornishman whose name is inseparable from the development of steam power.
  • Tyr Gwyr Gweryn (730)
    Tyr-Gwyr-Gweryn means 'Land-Truth-People', a site dedicated to constitutional and Cornish human rights issues.

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