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Cornish culture

  • Cornwall Family History Society (800)
    The Society aims to become a ‘centre of excellence’ encouraging research into Cornish family history
  • Cornwall In Focus (789)
    Over 500 pages of information on Cornwall
  • Cowethas Peran Sans The Fellowship of St Piran (744)
    Cowethas Peran Sans was founded on the most glorious of summer’s days at the ancient Oratory of St Piran on Perran Sands on 26th July 2006, the place which has best claim to be the spiritual heart of Cornwall. A small gathering of Christians met to consider how Cornwall’s Celtic spiritual heritage might best be rediscovered, and we resolved to meet again and work together in this quest.
  • Cultivate Ideas (656)
    Cultivate works like a magnet. Through the energy of young people it pulls together the organisations, businesses and individuals that can help them get what they want out of Cornwall's cultural scene
  • Dehwelans (672)
    Dehwelans or Homecoming in Cornish is a festival in the historic fishing port of Looe and South East Cornwall
  • Federation of Old Cornwall Societies (826)
    Cuntelleugh an brewyon us gesys na vo kellys travyth (Gather up the fragments that are left that nothing be lost)
  • Gorseth Kernow (778)
    The Gorseth of the Bards of Cornwall exists to maintain the national Celtic spirit of Cornwall
  • Institute of Cornish Studies (772)
    Exists to support and foster academic research on Cornwall and to carry out research projects on Cornwall and its past.
  • Lowender Peran (Festival of the Celts) (798)
    Celebrating Cornwall's distinctive heritage of traditional music, dance, songs, story telling and our links with Brittany, Ireland, Isle of Man, Scotland and Wales
  • Sense of Place (730)
    This website is full of different materials for you to use and enjoy in the classroom but they have three things in common, all of them are designed to be CREATIVE, CROSS-CURRICULAR & CORNISH"

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