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Cornish Politics & Issues

  • Affordable Homes in Cornwall (1,118)
    Campaigning for housing in the Duchy
  • Andrew George MP (1,015)
    The website for the Cornish Liberal Democrat MP Andrew George
  • Bert Biscoe (989)
    Cornwall county councillor for Truro (East)
  • Carlyon Bay Watch (963)
    The official site of Carlyon Bay Watch which is opposing plans to build 511 apartments on Crinnis and Shorthorn beaches at Carlyon Bay near St Austell
  • Cornish Bureau for European Relations (1,088)
    For over 2,000 years Cornwall has been a part of the rich patchwork of Europe's cultural and regional diversity. CoBER believes that Europe would be poor without Cornwall ...
  • Cornish Conservatives (1,004)
    The website for the Tories in the Duchy
  • Cornish Constitutional Convention (1,101)
    The campaign for a Cornish assembly
  • Cornish Social and Economic Research Group (CoSERG) (1,006)
    The Cornish Social and Economic Research Group (CoSERG) is an independent research group concerned for the future of Cornwall and the Cornish people. It was founded in 1986 by a group of individuals concerned about the lack of a Cornish perspective in both research and the preparation of important policy documents in Cornwall
  • Cornwall Labour Party (972)
    New Labour in the Duchy
  • Cornwall Transition Network (898)
    Transition Cornwall was founded in June 2007 as a partnership initiative working to support the communities of Cornwall in addressing two of the greatest challenges of our time: climate change and oil depletion. Its aim is to become a hub that co-ordinates and catalyses the research and ideas of a diverse network of groups, organisations, associates and individuals from the private, public, community and voluntary sector

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