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Cornish Government & Partners

  • Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Economic Forum (1,064)
    Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Economic Forum is the over-arching economic development partnership for Cornwall and Isles of Scilly
  • Cornwall Brand Centre (1,002)
    Information about the way Cornwall is branded
  • Cornwall Compact (977)
    The Cornwall Compact lays out the principles which underlie the relationship for future joint-working between the public sector and the voluntary and community sector
  • Cornwall Council (1,255)
    The website for Cornwall County Council
  • Cornwall Enterprise (1,016)
    The economic development service for Cornwall County Council
  • Cornwall Pure Business (1,005)
    The Cornwall Pure Business team has been established to offer a tailored one-stop-shop to provide businesses who are thinking of relocating expert advice and support to help facilitate the move
  • Cornwall Rural Community Council (959)
    Cornwall Rural Community Council (CRCC) is a Cornish charity dedicated to working with, and strengthening, Cornish communities; and to supporting vulnerable groups and individuals within them. We run a wide variety of projects across Cornwall for individuals, for groups, and for communities as a whole
  • Cornwall Strategic Partnership (1,035)
    The Cornwall Strategic Partnership is the Local Strategic Partnership for Cornwall. With over 40 members from the public, private and voluntary sectors, its aim is to work together to promote the economic, social and environmental well being of the people of Cornwall
  • Cornwall Voluntary Sector Forum (936)
    Cornwall Voluntary Sector Forum (cVSF) aims to be an umbrella organisation for all community and voluntary organisations working or based in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly and the “voice” for the membership and the wider third sector at all levels on the various bodies whose services they deliver or support
  • Objective One in the Duchy (1,002)
    How our objective one funding from Europe is spent

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