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Celtic Links

  • Agence Bretagne Press (1,197)
    News from Brittany and other Celtic nations. Site avaliable in Breton, French, Gallo and English!
  • Assemblée Celtique (2,380)
    A forum for the Celtic world (French)
  • British Nationalists In Wales Watch (2,362)
    Welsh Nationalists not affiliated to any political party, dedicated to exposing the corruption, and failure of the three main British Nationalist Parties in Wales (Labour, Conservatives and Lib Dems).
  • Celtic Congress (1,211)
    The Celtic Congress was founded in 1902 in order to promote the knowlege, use, and appreciation of the languages and cultures of the six Celtic countries. National Branches of the Congress meet in an International Congress each year in order to help further these aims.
  • Celtic Institute of North America (1,145)
    A community of scholars dedicated to bringing celtic studies to the USA
  • Celtic League (1,363)
    The Celtic League is an inter-celtic organisation that campaigns for the social, political and cultural rights of the Celtic nations
  • Cymdeithas yr Iaith Gymraeg (979)
    Cymdeithas yr Iaith Gymraeg (the Welsh Language Society) is a pressure group campaigning for the future of the Welsh language
  • Cymuned (1,163)
    Cymuned is a community pressure group which believes that we need to strengthen our communities if we are to build a sustainable future for our civilisation.
  • Cynefin y Werin (1,004)
    Cynefin y Werin (Common Ground) is an all Wales network of organisations which promotes equality, peace, justice, human rights and co-operation between nations, peoples and communities on the basis of sustainable environmental, economic and social development
  • Fondation Yann Fouéré (928)
    La Fondation Yann Fouéré was created, independent from all political parties, with the object of 1) Safeguarding the heritage of archives, books, publications, various collections and documents relating to the History of Brittany, mainly from Yann Fouéré’s libraries and collections. 2) The eventual placing at the disposal of researchers and historians of a source for the consultation of documentation and of a library of works concerning the history of Brittany and its connection with Europe

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