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Top Ten Links

  • Liberty (3,383)
    A cross party, non-party membership organisation at the heart of the movement for fundamental rights and freedoms in England and Wales.
  • Cornish currency (3,201)
    A page about Cornish bank notes issued by the CSP.
  • Assemblée Celtique (2,380)
    A forum for the Celtic world (French)
  • British Nationalists In Wales Watch (2,362)
    Welsh Nationalists not affiliated to any political party, dedicated to exposing the corruption, and failure of the three main British Nationalist Parties in Wales (Labour, Conservatives and Lib Dems).
  • This is not England forum (2,237)
    Cornwall has it's own language, culture, history and heritage that has little in common with it's English neighbours. Today there is a growing Cornish movement rediscovering the real truth about England's involvement in Cornwall's past, and more importantly, it's future.
  • Mebyon Kernow (2,028)
    Mebyon Kernow - the Party for Cornwall is a progressive political party, campaigning for greater self government for Cornwall.
  • Tyr Gwyr Gweryn (1,975)
    A look at the Cornish Paradox and an examination of Cornish Genocide.
  • This is not Cornwall this is Kernow (1,963)
    For the love of Kernow. A gateway site dedicated to raising awareness of the culture, heritage, history and politics of the Cornish nation. Links to Local Information websites for those who wish to gain insight into the People, the way of life and the reasons for preserving this unique Celtic homeland.
  • 2011 UK Census - Cornish Tick Box (1,959)
    I will refuse to fill out the 2011 UK Census unless there is a Cornish ethnicity tick box option.
  • Cornwall 24 Forum (1,931)
    The leading Cornish forum plus independent news

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