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On 17th October 2008, in response to a public consultation programme by the Government Office for the South West, a complaint was submitted under the title:-“The exclusion of Cornwall from the Marine Stewardship project and Marine Communities Fund of the Crown Estate”. Receipt of the complaint was confirmed on 29th October 2008, Ref:- 2086. No answer has been received.

Crown land is the land originally claimed by William the Conqueror (1066) as Crown property which has since been divided into two parts.
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1. Anti-terrorist laws

The rules for the British Constitution are quite different from all others, it is officially described as ‘flexible’. ‘Flexible’ rules for a Constitution ignore the public’s right to be consulted, at least, in respect of amendments. We do not have a one stop comprehensive easy reference document detailing constitutional rights for the citizen and laying down corresponding responsibilities for politicians in power.

A written constitution would be a statement of the clear cut parameters for the responsibilities and limits of power for persons acting in an official capacity. This is a matter or urgency in an age when the British government can invoke its anti-terrorist laws when in dispute with an Icelandic Bank. What next? Who next?

It is time for the international basic standard of a guaranteed and enforceable right to “equality before the law” to be adopted as the qualifying test for true democracy.

When British people realise the extent of the deception inherent in an unwritten constitution, they will naturally be dismayed at the absence of consultation or Public Inquiries regarding the content of the British constitution. Basically, people will want to know, and should have the right to know, “Where do I stand in relation to people in power?

2. The search for information

Requests for information are denied or the response is ambiguous. (Refer Duchy of Cornwall letter of 22nd February 2005, in response to an Freedom of Information request regarding the transfer of Tintagel Castle (of Celtic Arthurian legend) from the Duchy to English Heritage – response:- “The Duchy is not itself subject to the Freedom of Information Act”). This appears to be an attempt to claim King Arthur as English on the grounds that whatever has happened since a part of Britain was renamed England, must be English. Such assertions of English cultural supremacy by virtue of numerical supremacy over the Celts are not repeated to claim Roman baths. By section 37 of the Freedom of Information Act there can be no information provided regarding contacts between Ministers and members of the Royal family. So, who makes the final decision, Minister or Royal family? The Crown has many faces. The government comes under the heading of “The Crown” and there are also Crown Courts; The Crown Prosecution Service, The Crown Proceedings Act; The Crown Estate, Crown rights; Crown Immunity and Crown prerogatives.

The Department for Culture Media and Sport has recently refused to answer questions regarding the implementation of the UNESCO Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions. The UNESCO Convention provides, at Article 3/3, “The protection and promotion of the diversity of cultural expressions presuppose the recognition of equal dignity of and respect for all cultures, including the cultures of persons belonging to minorities and indigenous peoples”.
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The rise and fall of English Democracy

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1. The ability to self -correct.

With the election of a black president in Anglo-Saxon America has proved that it can self-correct while, at the same time, it poses many questions regarding the state of Anglo-Saxon English democracy.

Writing in ‘The Sunday Times’ of 28th September 2008, Andrew Sullivan observes:- Dictator Bush’s great illusion exposed - The President thinks he is above the law”; and explains: “There is a core principle behind Anglo-American democracy as it has evolved in the past few centuries. Which is that you cannot rely on the judgement of one man or woman, unchecked by the law, or by parliament or Congress or the press to govern a country. The reason is that human beings - all of us – are fallible. We get things wrong; our egos get the better of us; our self-interest blinds us; power corrupts us. So America’s founding fathers set up a system of checks and balances to ensure that deliberation and debate would precede action. They believed that deliberation was essential to sound governance”.

2.Who voted for Tax-havens

Although English people comprise the largest sub-division of British, they have never expected to decide, or been asked to vote, on whether or not they want tax havens on British territory. The continuation of tax havens will excuse the few from the discipline to which everyone else will be subjected in order to overcome the personal, national and global problems of the ongoing credit crisis.

The representatives of the English majority claim many pre-England British monuments as English Heritage, presumably to attract support from the English majority. This is an outward sign of the retention of the perceived psychological advantages associated with the rights of feudal conquest retained to keep the original indigenous Celts of Britain under uniform central control. It has been top down control claiming the support of superior numbers passed off as democracy. Various popular methods have been employed ranging from transfers of population to the Celtic areas of Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Cornwall to the unchallengeable Crown immunity claims to the property of the individual.

Recognition of the facts, open debate and modernisation is long overdue.
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BBC Accused of Identity Theft by the Cornish

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BBC accused of identity theft by the Cornish

3,000 years of Cornish tin

Under its royal charter the BBC is required to “inform and educate”. In its “Nation on Film” series there is a sub-heading: “ The Rise and Fall of the Tin Mining Industry of Cornwall”. It is divided into sections, one of which is entitled: “History of Cornish Mining – Roots of England”. There is also a reference to “3,000 years of tin mining”. There is no reference to the fact that it was the Cornish and they were exporting tin to Europe 3,000 years ago. The English arrived in Britain 1500 years ago, so, the association of “Roots of England” with “3,000 years of tin mining” is an attempt to back date the English presence in Britain.

There is no democratic or chronological reason to convert Cornish tin into English tin.

Cornish Mining is World Heritage

The BBC’s charter duties of “inform and educate”, “independence and best practice” and “bringing the UK to the world” appear to be treated at best as optional. A remit to ‘inform’ apparently authorises the use of: “some Cornish miners emigrated” out of context and without reference to the failure to invest in Cornwall on the part of the Duke of Cornwall, (who made a legal claim to be the government of Cornwall in 1858), and ignoring the well documented Cornish exodus of up to half a million people from 1830-1870.

The conversion and adoption of Celtic history, now reflected in the Cornish Mining World Heritage status, is being presented as if it were the genuine “Roots of England”, clearly, for racial advantage.

Historically, English roots are in Saxony since the English language is on record everywhere as one of the Germanic languages. The BBC is evidently programmed to support the government’s ten year policy of excluding the Cornish from the Council of Europe’s human rights Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities. The public is being deliberately misinformed that Cornish Celtic traditions, history and identity are English.

The Cornish Celtic Britons

To “inform and educate” the www.mining-heritage.org.uk web site reveals evidence of the Cornish traditions that created World Heritage Mining status for Cornwall. The Cornish as “Celtic Britons” has been agreed by the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport in the World Heritage Nomination Document accepted by UNESCO. Copies have not been sent to schools or libraries in Cornwall. It would appear that the Nomination Document is being ignored in order to misrepresent Cornish mining as English despite the inclusion of comprehensive uncensored facts about Cornwall and the Cornish in order to meet the authenticity rules necessary for acceptance by UNECSO. The Cornish, their language and surnames are Celtic. (National Trust Names).

As in the case of the language, the government gives only nominal support to Cornish heritage but has still not officially recognised the national minority who can claim the language as part of their heritage.

The state aided BBC

The “Public services” of the BBC Charter are not tuned in to the exposure of deficiencies in human rights in Britain or in delving into the reason for the inalienable rights and Crown immunities of the few. . By law, discrimination against the Cornish would be classified as “inappropriate services”, or, “the provision of services inconsistent with the Charter”, i.e., services not eligible for state aid. (www.recon.co.uk/State_aid_law and_the_BBC. ‘Contestable state aid by the back door’ – E.U.Treaty Articles 86 & 87, fiscal monopolies).

If it looks like government propaganda………..

The BBC is experienced in propaganda. The Guardian of 26th August 2008, reports on the role of the BBC in: “Britain’s secret propaganda war against al-Qaida”. “Sir Richard Mottram, the former chair of the joint intelligence committee, in talking about the attempt to undermine the ideology of al Qaida, said it had to be done without looking like government propaganda”. “If it looks too much like government propaganda then I don’t think people are going to listen, nor should they”. This confession has destroyed BBC independence. Care is needed to avoid destroying democracy and media independence in countering terrorism.

Beyond democratic control

There has presumably been no “D” notice to prevent ‘The Guardian’ from publishing this propaganda leak. So, it looks like a planned leak. Anti-terrorist BBC propaganda is presumed to be acceptable to the public even though there is no authority for the promotion of any form of government controlled propaganda in the BBC’s Royal Charter.

It would appear that a royal charter is preferred to an Act of Parliament, since a charter is apparently considered fit for purpose in placing potentially illegal BBC/UK government propaganda beyond democratic control. Anti-terrorism propaganda appears to be a mere add on to the long established illegal government use of the BBC charter for truly secret propaganda against its own people.

We believe that this includes denying the right of the indigenous Cornish Celtic people to exist as a national minority.

The BBC public service seems designed for “Roots of England” cultural uniformity presumed to be more acceptable to the English majority than being “informed and educated” about Cornwall, the Duchy of Cornwall and its disputed claim to an inalienable private estate. The unacceptable conclusion for England and the BBC is, that to claim both an inalienable “private estate” and “the government of Cornwall” by Charter of 1337 in the form of “the Kings writ and Summons of Exchequer throughout Cornwall only”, translates into seven centuries of ‘a private income by Duchy government’ for one person imposed on Cornwall with further proceeds invested in estates outside Cornwall.

The only acknowledgement is the suppression of the Cornish identity and culture. Clearly, something to hide.

The freedom to create secret domestic propaganda and private government is made possible against the background of no written constitution and no guarantee of equality before the law in English law. The BBC excels at silent propaganda by failing to ‘inform and educate’ that the British public is also denied Article 13 and Protocol 12 of the European Convention of Human Rights, (An effective remedy against violations and discrimination by persons in power), and the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. None of these are included in the Human Rights Act 1998 or the Equality Act 2006.

By the exclusion of equality before the law from English law state funding for English culture and none for Cornish culture is designed to eliminate the Cornish identity and annex Cornish cultural property as English with impunity.

The democratic deficit.

To self-correct the democratic deficit by accepting established international law as part of British law in a one stop written constitution would prove an effective remedy to control state sponsored propaganda against its own citizens and a deterrent against international terrorism.

Members of the Cornish national minority are in the invidious position of receiving demands for the payment of a BBC TV licence which will ensure that they look at and listen to propaganda against themselves. This is a clear abuse of democratic power and the rule of law by the representatives of the permanent English national majority in the Westminster Parliament, which includes, Ministers of state. They all swear allegiance to the Crown.

Promoting English nationalism through deprivation in Cornwall

The BBC is a state aided body trading on its past reputation in its portrayal of the nineteenth century enforced exodus of Cornish mining families as if their plight were an English gift of mining expertise to the world! It may be popular to tell tall stories about the “Roots of England” and the Monarchy rather than “inform and educate” concerning the Stannaries, Celtic Cornwall and the state aided Duchy of Cornwall of the English Heirs to the Throne.

For centuries the Duchy has exploited Cornwall, its tin and land to avoid the Westminster Parliament imposing taxation on the English majority to provide the Duke with an income. There is no principle of ‘inform and educate’ to expose a twenty first century version of feudalism amounting to a Duchy dictatorship.

Cornwall has every right to expect that Duchy land in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly is put into a Cornish trust to provide affordable housing for local people.

The BBC pacification programme

The BBC management appears to be motivated by English nationalist envy at the continuing existence of the Cornish as a Celtic people in a land they consider to be part of England. The employees innocently reflect in their work that which they have been taught to believe by the biased English education system that shows no toleration for diversity when it comes to the Cornish.

Omissions, half truths, assumptions and innuendo are being substituted for the facts to facilitate the suppression and acquisition of the Cornish Celtic culture and identity.

Investigative journalism by the BBC has been conspicuously tongue tied regarding the official manipulation of the Census records, central planning, grant aid, local tax regulations and infrastructure shortfalls accepted in order to facilitate the transfer of English people into the Cornish peninsula for first and second homes with scant housing rights for the Cornish. The houses abandoned after being built on mineshafts and the sewerage that pollutes bathing waters. Meanwhile, Cornish Mining World Heritage sites are under threat from building speculators.

English nationalism is aggressive by UNESCO standards

The BBC has not reported on UNESCO’s warning on Authenticity, NARA 1994, which reveals at Article 4, “the search for cultural identity is sometimes pursued through aggressive nationalism and the suppression of the cultures of minorities” Unfortunately, NARA reflects the English majority/Cornish minority relationship. This assertion is substantiated by many examples. The state controlled schools history curriculum which, for 200 years, has ignored the Cornishman Trevithick as the inventor of the steam locomotive and made false claims to promote the Englishman Stephenson. Cornish applicants for adult education courses are required to declare themselves as English. The Police do not accept Cornish as an ethnic group.

Contrary to popular opinion, there are only British passports for British citizens, there are no English passports. Britain has no state funded British Heritage organisation, only English Heritage. Neither the concept England or English was known to the Romans in Britain. Stonehenge was not built by the English. At the time of Christ Britain was all Celtic.

Secret propaganda against an indigenous British people can be nothing but aggressive nationalism.

Ethnic cleansing by state television

There is evidence of a programme of racial discrimination secreted within BBC/UK government ‘educational’ productions aspiring to achieve world acclaim. The Cornish identity, as an object of identity theft, appears to be coordinated with English Heritage, English Nature, the Department of Education in its schools curriculum for history and the Department of Communities and Local Government in respect of the denial of the Framework Convention. The object of the exercise centres upon the acquisition or Anglicisation of four thousand years of Cornish Celtic history, mining traditions and culture for and on behalf of the English national majority and to protect Duchy of Cornwall history from public enquiry.

To accept without question the official version of the nearly 700 year history of the Duchy of Cornwall exposes the grovelling subservience and deference normally associated with slavery. South Africa was able to foster apartheid by abusing the rule of law undisciplined by equality before the law. The suspicion is aroused that a Royal Prerogative Charter, not only avoids democratic control, but is apparently considered the ideal vehicle to exploit the rule of law in an attempt to present to the world as ‘legal’ the ethnic cleansing of the Cornish and their history by state aided BBC television and sound propaganda.

The Israeli problem with the BBC

We are not alone in our concerns. We can understand why many readers of ‘The Jerusalem Post’ accuse the BBC of lies and propaganda. Also, the ‘World Net Daily’ reports: “Israel has barred its officials from appearing on the BBC and visa restrictions have been imposed on BBC journalists”. The Cornish Stannary Parliament is virtually barred from appearing on the BBC. The BBC has been informed that they have no idea of the meaning of impartiality.

BBC silent on exporting propaganda methods

For the BBC/UK government the indigenous Celtic Cornish have no right to exist as a national minority. This is a state sponsored attack on its own people. The BBC may divert attention from the home front by self-righteously joining the international community in exposing the Chinese propaganda that denies Tibetan human rights, but, it fails in its charter duty to ‘inform and educate’ the British public, that, the Chinese have adopted the BBC modus operandi for state propaganda designed to protect those in power.

Who stands to gain most?

It is contended that the BBC’s royal charter is intended to afford preferential treatment for royal personages. The Duke of Cornwall therefore has most to gain from the BBC’s long term propaganda programme. The evidence suggests that this includes the ethnic cleansing of the Cornish ethnic minority. The Stannaries, the Cornish tin mining governing body, is claimed as part of the territorial possessions of the Duke, as heir to the throne, by virtue of royal charters of 1337/8.

Apart from the claim to be a private estate since joining the Common Market, nothing has changed since 1337, even though, the Royal Mines Act 1688, still in force, declares: “no mine of tin shall be adjudged, reputed or taken to be a royal mine”. This Act applies throughout the United Kingdom, except Cornwall.

The BBC has failed to ‘inform’ that such Acts of Parliament suggest that Cornwall is not part of England.

The Duke of Cornwall has authority to control or intervene in UK judicial and legislative proceedings. The Duke and the Duchy of Cornwall are entitled to intestate estates, bona vacantia and the foreshore and rivers of Cornwall with exemption from Enforcement Proceedings, Leasehold Reform, Compulsory Purchase and Freedom of Information legislation, etc. It is not known whether the Duchy of Cornwall, state aided by judicial and legislative support and claiming an inalienable private estate and the government of Cornwall, controls BBC propaganda programmes directed against its own people.

If the conviction that illegal state propaganda exists in Britain is considered to be a figment of the Cornish imagination, then let this be proved wrong by the present Duke of Cornwall publicly declaring his recognition of the Cornish as a Celtic national minority in addition to renouncing all Duchy claims to the land, minerals, Stannaries and government of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

The taste of freedom

While America claims the ability to self-correct and former communist countries attempt to self-correct, nothing is apparently wrong with England perpetuating feudal powers to exploit the Cornish national minority behind a veritable Chinese wall of royal charters, Crown immunities and BBC propaganda archive material.

“If you want the taste of freedom, keep going” Senator Hillary Clinton.
(Speech to the Democratic Convention, Denver, USA, 26th August 2008).

Please help us put an end to BBC/UK government sponsored illegal propaganda against its own people, the Cornish national minority. We appeal to all fair and open minded people around the globe to keep going for the taste of freedom. Keep going by sending your contribution towards legal action against the British Broadcasting Corporation. They must be stopped from exploiting state aid and Crown immunity to promote bias and racial discrimination. The BBC must be stopped from upsetting our friends everywhere by failing to exercise their Charter duties of integrity and independence.

Please make donation cheques payable to the Cornish Stannary Parliament at Coombe Park, Camborne, Cornwall, GB-TR14 0JG. Thank you - Murrasta why.

www.cornishstannaryparliament.org e-mail:- info@cornishstannaryparliament.org
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A REPORT on Cornish Heritage from 1508 to 2008

The CSP has produced a Report on how the Charter of Pardon 1508 led to the Cornish Mining World Heritage status being awarded by UNESCO. The Report quotes many of the passages from “The Cornish Mining World Heritage Nomination Document”, (marked WHD) approved by Cornwall County Council, English Heritage, the British government and UNESCO. Unfortunately, the WHD was a limited edition and is now only available at www.cornish-mining.org.uk. When re-assembled from the WHD format for the description of the ten World Heritage sites, into a Cornwall wide Cornish heritage evolution Report, the WHD entries can be seen to confirm an ancient and modern separate Cornish identity and culture. Why then, has the documentary recognition of Cornish identity in the WHD, made by the Cornwall Council, English Heritage and the British government in order to secure acceptance as World Heritage by the United Nations, not since been adopted as official government policy? Commentaries by the Cornish Stannary Parliament are included under the heading Authenticity Assessment, (marked AA). A full REPORT is available from www.cornish-heritage.net at £5.00 each plus p & p.

There are 10 chapters, beginning with:-


The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) accepted Cornish Mining and culture as World Heritage based on the Nomination Bid Document submitted to UNESCO by the UK. At the preparatory stage the various interested parties represented on the Partnership Meetings at Truro were reluctant to include important details on Cornish history and culture in the Nomination Document. Some progress was, however made, when the Cornish Stannary Parliament (CSP) representative presented the Partnership meetings with a copy of the UNESCO Document on Authenticity, NARA, (WHD p.183) and asserted the necessity of strict compliance to ensure the success of the Cornish Mining World Heritage Nomination Bid Document. (WHD). (Report p.1).

On ‘authenticity’ UNESCO warns:- “The search for cultural identity is sometimes pursued through aggressive nationalism and the suppression of the cultures of minorities”. In addition to ‘authenticity’, UNESCO requires observance of the “Convention Concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage”, of 1972, ratified by the British government in 1984. (WHD p. 183) Article 1, requires “ethnological” aspects to be considered as “cultural heritage”, also “identification” which can only mean the accurate identification of the origins and identity of the culture of the people concerned. (Report p.1).

The successful World Heritage Document (WHD) reveals that the government has been obliged to comply with the complete UNESCO package by including a substantial recognition of the Celtic ethnological dimension as an integral part of Cornish history culture, achievements, traditions and identity in order to ensure the authentic achievement of World Heritage status. (Report p.1).
If the principles of ‘authenticity’, ‘identification’, and ‘ethnology’ were now, as a matter of honesty and principle, to be applied across the whole spectrum of the government’s administrative functions, there would be no grounds for the continuing exclusion of the Cornish, ethnologically Celtic national minority, from the Council of Europe’s Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities by the Department of Communities and Local Government. (Report p.1).

Further extracts from the 30 page REPORT (WHD quotes in bold) include:-

AA – (Authenticity Assessment) There is much more to Cornwall which could have been added to the WHD to emphasise the authentic distinction between Cornish Celtic culture and English Anglo-Saxon culture if the number of pages in the WHD had been extended by only a few beyond the final 234 pages. (Report p.6)

WHD – “The Cornish mining industry also played a leading role in the diffusion of both metal mining and steam technology around the globe. (WHD p.18). By 1800 Cornwall had become a scientific and intellectual powerhouse. (WHD p.150). Cornwall became one of Europe’s major emigration regions….after 1830”. (WHD page 21). “Cornwall lost between a quarter and half a million people in the 19th century”. (WHD p. 156). (Report p.9 to 11)

AA - The ’lasting contributions to global society’ and ‘for all mankind’ (WHD p.iv) was ultimately not the intended result by the families personally involved in the Cornish exodus. The reader of the WHD is not reminded that , by far the majority of the exodus names are of Cornish language derivation, and therefore, of Celtic origin. The diffusion of Cornish mining technology around the globe, was, it should be noted, not the result of a benevolent global contribution by English people, but, the result of an enforced Cornish family exodus on the closure of many mines in Cornwall. The social impact is not investigated in the WHD. (Report p.9).

AA – Against the trend the population of Cornwall declined from 341,279 in 1841 to 330,686 in 1881. The Cornish homeland exodus represented an irresponsible loss of scientific and intellectual expertise. Yet another Celtic brain drain from the British Isles. (Report p.10).

WHD – “Mining practice in Cornwall was based on Stannary law, a codified version of customary mining traditions……..” (WHD p.42) (Report p.13). “The powers of the Stannary Parliament included the right to veto laws from the Parliament at Westminster………” (WHD p.23) (Report p.12).

Report pages 16 to 18 contain a copy of the Charter of Pardon 1508.

WHD – “Richard Trevithick - the first full sized locomotive in the world”.
(WHD p.96) (Report p.23).

AA – Why promote Stephenson? (Report p.24).

WHD – “Cornishness continues to have a unique international dimension”.
(WHD p.44) (Report p.25).
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The control of power

United Nations International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, proclaims: “All persons are equal before the law and are entitled without discrimination to the equal protection of the law”, Article 26, and Article 27, “Ethnic minorities shall not be denied the right to enjoy their own culture or to use their own language”.
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Human Rights - Australia leads the way

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Human Rights - Australia leads the way

The Prime Minister of Australia, Kevin Rudd, has apologised for official attempts to suppress the identity of the indigenous Aboriginal people.
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(Recorded as a legal document in 1829 concerning:- Statutes and proclamations of the Duke of Cornwall, the Crown or the Westminster Parliament requiring the assent and consent of
the Cornish Stannary Parliament)

“ The King to all to whom, &c., greeting. Know ye, that we of our special grace, and of our certain knowledge and mere motion, have pardoned, remised and released, and by these presents do pardon, remise, and release, to Robert Willoughby, Lord de Broke, John Mowne, of Hall, in the County of Cornwall, Esq., (and then follow about 1500 names,)

and to every of them, otherwise called tinners, bounders, or possessors of works of tin, and to the bounder or possessor of any tin-work in the County of Cornwall, who have not or hath not introduced the names of new possessors, or a new possessor of any tin-work newly-bounded, with the names of the works, in the next court of stannary after the bounding aforesaid, showing the names or name of the possessors or possessor of the same works or work, of tin, with the metes and bounds of the said works or work as well in length as in breadth, to the possessors or possessor of any houses or house, called blowing-houses or a blowing-house, in the County of Cornwall, who have not or hath not introduced the number of all and singular the pieces of tin in the Exchequer at Lostwithiel, yearly, at the time of every coinage, with the names or name of all and singular the possessors or possessor of the same houses or house, called blowing-houses or a blowing-house, with the names or name of all and singular the blowers or workers, blower or worker of the same pieces or parcels of tin blown or wrought in the same houses or house, called blowing-houses or blowing-house, at the time of the coinage there, to the tinners or tinner, buyers or buyer of black or white tin, and to the makers or maker of white tin, who have not or hath not introduced the marks or mark of the possessors or possessor of the said tin, in the said Exchequer at Lostwithiel, to be impressed, put, or written in a certain book of signatures or marks, being in the said Exchequer, before the same possessors or possessor shall sign the said tin with the said mark to the tinners or buyers, tinner or buyer of black or white tin, to the changers or changer of the marks or mark of any possessors or possessor so impressed, put or written to the said book of marks, being in the said Exchequer, to the tinners or buyers, tinner or buyer of black tin, to the blowers or workers, blower or worker of false or hard tin, as well with the letter H; as without the letter H; and to the blowers or workers, blower or worker of white tin from their own black tin,

and to every of them, by whatsoever other means or additions of names or occupations they or any of them are or may be known – all transgressions, contempts, impeachments, forfeitures, concealments, fines, pains, imprisonments, amerciaments, debts, and losses adjudged or to be adjudged, abuses, retentions, and offences, against the form of any statutes, ordinances, provisions, restrictions, or proclamations, by us or by our progenitors, &c., whatsoever authority before this time made, &c. (This charter then proceeds to the following effect) – that no statutes, acts, &c., hereafter issuing, to be made within the county aforesaid nor without, to the prejudice or exoneration of the same tinners, workers of black and white tin, &c., or of any persons or person whomsoever meddling with any black or white tin in the county aforesaid, their heirs, or successors, &c., unless there be first thereunto called twenty and four good and lawful men, from the four stannaries within the County of Cornwall, to be elected, &c.

So that no statute, ordinance, provision or proclamation, hereafter to be made by us, our heirs or successors, or by the aforesaid Prince of Wales, Duke of Cornwall for the time being, or by our council, or the council of our said heirs or successors, or of the said Prince, be made, unless with the assent and consent of the aforesaid twenty and four men, so to be elected and named, &c., and the parties aforesaid, their heirs, &c., shall be hereafter otherwise charged, &c., towards us, our heirs or successors, with any customs, subsidies, or licenses of any tin issuing out of this our Kingdom of England, unless only as other merchants in the same county may be charged, &c., towards us, or have been towards our progenitors, in time of which memory is not, within our ports of London and Southampton, for any customs, subsidies, or licenses of tin issuing out of this our Kingdom of England; but we will, &c., that the aforesaid Robert, John, &c.”,
“ and every of them, merchants of tin, and all other buyers, venders, &c. shall be exonerated, &c., by these presents, from all new impositions, &c., so that the said Robert, John, &c., shall not hereafter be charged in any manner for any customs, &c., of tin out of this our kingdom of England, unless as other native buyers, venders, and merchants are charged, or any native merchant is or hath been charged, towards us and our progenitors, within our said ports of London and Southampton aforesaid; and further, that all pardons, &c., by us pardoned, &c., to the aforesaid Robert, John, &c., and to all other offenders or offender, breakers or breaker, of any statutes, ordinances, proclamations, or provisions, made, edited, or ordained by us or our progenitors, &c., touching any tinners, bounders, possessors, blowers, workers, buyers, venders, merchants of tin, or any other meddling with tin as aforesaid, may and shall be in our next Parliament, &c., authorised; and that all grants by us granted, and all annullings of all statutes, acts, &c., aforesaid, by our grants aforesaid annulled, at the petition and request of the said Robert, John, &c., shall be confirmed in the said Parliament, that as well the same Robert, John, &c., may enjoy all our said grants and annullings, so that all statutes, &c., before made, shall be revoked, annulled, and made void, according to the advice and council of the advisers or adviser of the aforesaid Robert, John, &c., to their best profit and greatest advantage as to them shall seem best to be done, &c.

And further, &c., we have granted, &c., to the aforesaid Robert, John, &c., that no supervision of our customs and subsidies in our County of Cornwall aforesaid, nor any searcher of the same customs and subsidies in the said county, from henceforth and hereafter, shall take for the weighing of any tin issuing out of this our kingdom of England, for his fee, by reason of the weighing of the same tin, so issuing out of our kingdom of England aforesaid, only the same as is given to him, and to all other weighers, by a certain statute, edited in the Parliament of the Lord Edward, late King of England the Third, our progenitor, holden in the fourteenth year of his reign, (that is to say) for every weight of forty pounds, one farthing; and from the weight of forty pounds unto the weight of one hundred pounds, one halfpenny; and for every weight of one hundred pounds, unto the weight of a thousand pounds, one penny, and no more, as in the said statute more fully appears.

And further, we grant that every weigher of tin, in our town of Southampton, for the time being, shall take from every merchant of tin in our County of Cornwall, for the weighing of his tin, brought or hereafter to be brought into our town of Southampton, the same as is given to him by the said statute, and no more.

In witness whereof, &c., Witness the King at Westminster, the twelfth day of July, in the twenty-third year of the reign of King Henry the Seventh. By writ of privy-seal, and of the date, &c. ”.



Tried in The Court of King’s Bench, Westminster - 9 Geo IV – 1829

of the

APPENDIX No. 54, and in evidence pages 143 to 144
TINNERS OF CORNWALL Anno 23 Henry VII (1508)

A Report by George Concanen, London, 1830
by His Lordship’s Permission ”

Certified true copy unabridged and “verbatim” – Cornish Stannary Parliament - 2007
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"Ignorance of the law is no defence"

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An arresting question of racial discrimination.

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The Daily Telegraph, in its Business section of 21st September 2007, observes:
“Northern Rock nationalised by state guarantee”. This astute observation was made within seven days of the government’s commitment. However, after almost seven centuries, no English institution has as yet been sufficiently objective to admit that the Duchy of Cornwall is in fact guaranteed by the state and therefore ‘nationalised’ for the benefit of the heir to the throne, who since 1337, claimed ownership of the Stannaries and operated as the government of Cornwall. In the case of the Duke of Cornwall a state guaranteed income has long since been in place for one person rather than for the public in general as for Northern Rock.

Also on 21st September 2007, The Guardian, Diary, Hugh Muir, observes; During a combative question and answer session, she (Barbara Follett, the equalities minister), admitted she was reacting to a document on the Commission for Racial Equality which she had not read. Still, at least she turned up. Harriet Harman, the secretary of state for equality, didn’t show at all”.
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