Application to the European Court of Justice.

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Decision and order sought:- Annulment of Council Decision of 19th April 2007. On the grounds that, the Decision does not guarantee fundamental rights for all Community citizens and does not include the adoption of the tried and tested United Nations International Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Racial Discrimination (CERD) ratified by all Member States.
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An agenda for a police state with Crown immunity?

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On the strength of the manipulation of the evidence taken from an impressionable Cornish teenager, the press appears to be attempting to condemn as nationalist anyone claiming to be Cornish. Nationalist is not applied to anyone claiming to be English. We are all British with only British passports so, any sub-division of British is equally nationalist. If British is the legally correct nationality, then, the use of English, for the state funded English Heritage Co. Ltd., would be an example of cultural nationalism.
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The Duchy Stannaries.

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The Cornish Stannary Parliament was the controlling body of the pre-Roman Cornish tin mining industry now recognised by UNESCO as World Heritage. For centuries the Stannaries provided a lucrative income for the Dukes of Cornwall from a tax on tin production known as ‘coinage’. During this period the Cornish Stannary Parliament co-existed with the Parliament at Westminster. This enabled Westminster to be relieved of the responsibility of imposing a general tax in order to provide an income for the Duke of Cornwall who is always the heir to the throne and Prince of Wales. The three Duchy of Cornwall Charters of 1337/8 grant the Duke of Cornwall “our Stannaries, coinage and the profits of the Stannary Court”, as well as “the King’s writ and summons of exchequer and attachments throughout Cornwall” which provided governmental powers in Cornwall for the Duke.
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CSP High Court case 2nd Jan 07 transcript

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The Cornish Stannary Parliament at the Truro High Court, Case No. 6TR02285 on 2nd January 2007, represented by Stannator Colin Murley.

It is contended that the Truro Crown Court established as a High Court under Section 57 of the Race Relations Act 1976, failed to adhere to the European Treaty provisions.

The case, alleging official racial discrimination against the Applicant and others of Cornish national origins on the part of various Departments of State, was originally registered with the Truro Crown Court on 2nd October 2006, and was dismissed by the Court. Following further letters of explanation on 10th October and 16th October a brief reasons for an Order of Dismissal from the Court was received on 19th October 2006. The Applicant submitted a complaint to the Office for Judicial Complaints, London, on 13th November. (Only complaints against the personal conduct of the Judge are accepted, not complaints against the procedures of the system). A negative response was received from the OJC on 24th November 2006, reference 1326/2006. On 8th November 2006 the Truro Crown Court/High Court gave notice of a hearing to take place on 2nd January 2007. (Costs:- Registration: £400.00., Transcript: £81.00).

Extracts from the official court transcript (received 2nd April 2007) of the hearing before District Judge Mitchell at the Truro Crown Court, Case No. 6TR02285 on 2nd January 2007., are given below:-
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Letter to Eurostat regarding ONS census.

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Sent following the ONS meeting in Truro..
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ONS meeting Truro 20th April 2007

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Cornwall and the 2011 Census

Report on the Meeting in Truro between representatives of the Office for National Statistics and Members of the Cornish Stannary Parliament and other Cornish bodies.
on Friday 20th April 2007.

A presentation by officers of the ONS explained the objectives and constraints of the Census. In response to emotional criticism against the exclusion of a Cornish tick box from the proposed 2011 Census form, the meeting was informed that many others were also excluded.

Further comments were made and reinforced by others, including:-
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FOI Act Request for RRA case law.

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A series of emails sent by the Vice President of F.U.E.N. to Ian Naysmith and his head of department Helen Judge requesting Race Relations Case law for British National Minorities the Welsh and the Irish.

What are they hiding?
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Complaints about Restormel Local Development Framework – Core Strategy – Policy 1.

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More exposure of discrepency in Cornish planning regulations and potential interventions by the Duke of Cornwall.
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Letter from Crown Estates, confirming Cornwall's status.

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Ther Crown Estates have no holdings in Cornwall...
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Complaint to BBC Cornwall - bilingual road signage

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Complaint letter to BBC Cornwall about bilingual road signage on the Laurence Reed Show on Monday 26th February 2007
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