The Crown Estate recognises the Tamar Border

The Crown Estate has no holdings within the boundaries of Cornwall

The Crown Estate recognises the Tamar border

The government proposes cross border Cornwall/England Parliamentary
constituencies but explicitly no cross border Celtic Scotland/England or cross border Celtic Wales/England constituencies.

Back in 1066, William the Conqueror declared; all land is mine. Land retained by the Crown became known as Crown land which was divided into two parts one for England and one for Cornish speaking Celtic Cornwall. The largest part is the Crown Estate who responded to a Freedom of Information request of 7th January 2005 as follows:- “The Crown Estate has no holdings within the boundaries of Cornwall. The analogous landowner in Cornwall is the Duchy of Cornwall”. The Crown Estate Act 1961 confirms that the Crown Estate is a public body required to: “exclude any element of monopoly value” (section 3) in the provision of: “grants for public or charitable purposes”. (section 4). “Land gift in partnership with local communities”. (web-site). These grants include affordable housing and social benefits throughout the UK except Celtic Cornwall. Such provisions do not appear in the case of Acts in respect of part two of Crown land, the Duchy of Cornwall. The Duchy of Cornwall Management Act 1863 to 1982, declares that the interests of the Dukes of Cornwall including ‘regalities’ (section 37 of 1863) are to be given priority (section 8 of 1982) by HM Treasury along with the right to the assets of bankrupt companies in Cornwall only (Supreme Court Act 1981, s.120) without explanation for the inequalities.

The Crown Estate recognises the Tamar border because it is excluded from Cornwall.

So why does the government continue to cover-up the history of Cornwall and the Duchy of Cornwall with plans for cross border Cornwall/England Parliamentary constituencies; why no separate Duchy of Cornwall Census Form 2011; and why refuse to recognise the indigenous Celtic national minority of Cornwall by excluding them from the Human Rights Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities? Why is Protocol 12 of the European Convention of Human Rights excluded from the Human Rights Act:- “No one shall be discriminated against by any public authority on any ground…….”
Why is there no official explanation for exceptions which appear to facilitate racial discrimination and the abuse of power.

Unlike the Crown Estate, the Duke/Duchy has exemption from the Freedom of Information Act 2000 as has been claimed in the rejection, on 22nd February 2005, of a request for information regarding the date on which Tintagel, and other Castles held under the Duchy charters in Cornwall, were transferred to English Heritage.

It would appear that Cornish Celtic history is being officially treated as a state secret.

This is particularly evident from the third Duchy of Cornwall Charter of 3rd January 1338 (in Rowe v Brenton (1828), (8B & C737 - Manning Edition) which grants escheats in Cornwall only and confirms the grant of the Stannaries (tin mines) over the whole of Cornwall, and reveals:

“Moreover, we have granted to the said Duke and his heirs for ever to have the returns of all writs of us and our heirs, and of summonses of the Exchequer of us and our heirs, and attachments, as well as pleas of the Crown as in all others in the said county of Cornwall; so that no sheriff or other bailiff or minister of us or our heirs enter those fees to execute the said writs etc., or to do any other official act there”.

The right to exercise “official acts”, or absolute power, in Cornwall only were granted to the Duke to exploit Cornish minerals, land and cultural heritage sites as the means to ensure an income for himself as the Heir to the Throne and thus relieve Parliament of imposing taxation on the English national majority. Such otherwise unacknowledged loyalty for over six centuries should be sufficient proof that Cornwall and the Cornish should be considered as another Celtic exception to the rule of no cross border constituencies.

© Cornish Stannary Parliament, Camborne, TR14 0JG – August 2010

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