The Dukedom of Cornwall

Letter sent to Mr Pascoe, The West Briton, 28th september 2009, not published
by 24th November 2009.

In view of past experiences, I note with grim humour that the West Briton defends the right of those who believe the polar opposite to have their say.

As a person who deals with fact not fiction and having studied Mr Pascoe's offering of 10th September 2009 and various replies of 17th September 2009, I feel it time to introduce some factual information into this debate.

Firstly, taking Mr. Pascoe’s heading ‘Cornwall is in England’, well it may be to the geographically challenged, however the facts are that legal contests between the Duchy and the Crown (of England) reveal that Cornwall is a land extra-territorial to England, therefore Constitutional law states categorically that Cornwall is not within the boundary of England, and that the monarch is not monarch of Cornwall but that Cornwall is a Dukedom or Duchy. Mr. Pascoe may feel that the monarchy of the UK must include Cornwall, not so. Before the union in 1707 there were the Cornish, English, Scottish and Welsh. In 1707 three countries were forcibly welded into one (the British) Cornwall could not be included as the English monarch had no power over the Dukedom to do so (the King cannot trespass where the King’s writ does not run) therefore Cornwall is not included within England or the UK.

‘The Cornish can’t be allowed control’ Mr. Pascoe later mentions Cornwall’s people, he is of course alluding to the difference. There are in Cornwall only two kinds of people those who are Cornish and those who are not. Had Mr. Pascoe studied the latest genetic study of the peoples of Britain (The Face of Britain) he would have found that the Cornish are the oldest of all, being the indigenous people of this island of at least 15,000 years standing and with the language evolving over that time. No, Mr. Pascoe we do not need to be told that we ‘cannot be allowed control’. After all the Cornish hold through Charters the irrevocable right to continue to convene their own Parliament (current Parliament convened in 1974) the Cornish also hold the Charter of 1508 (still current) to refuse any legislation by Crown, Duke or Westminster parliament that they consider detrimental to Cornish people. Mr. Pascoe may wonder why the genuine rights of the Cornish are not acted upon, the fact is when genuine rights face ‘the right of might’ the side with the biggest stick will win.

‘Can’t run our own Councils’ Unfortunately our Councils are not run by Cornish people.

‘The Secret Brainwashing of Cornwall’s People’ Well Mr. Pascoe we have all suffered an English education some it seems more than others, to the extent that some brainwashed Cornish people genuinely believe that they are English.

‘Bashing Radio Cornwall Presenters that speak with English accents’ I never hear any presenter on radio or TV in any position of authority or instruction that speaks with a Cornish accent, the Cornish accent is busily being rubbed out by British media and schools (it is forbidden).

‘Be Proud of our Heritage’ As one of the persons who rid Cornwall of offensive English Heritage signs some ten years ago, I would refer Mr. Pascoe to Graham Hart’s piece regarding internet. Our heritage is ‘that which is handed down by our ancestors’, not someone else’s.

‘Cornish Assembly’ This would be nothing more than a change of name of the current Cornwall Council. As one of the four resident nations of Britain the Cornish require much more than to become a devolved region of England. A return to our former independence is morally and legally our inalienable right.

In 1991 as a Cornishman, I refused to complete the Census form entitled ‘Census England’ as I do not reside in England and as I am not English by birth, by blood or by inclination. I will never complete such a form.

So Mr. Pascoe please study our past history, our heritage, our culture and current realities then you may really become (as Cornish as the next man). Please try and keep up.

For and on behalf of the Cornish Stannary Parliament
E.R. Nute


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