An arresting question of racial discrimination.

The Daily Telegraph, in its Business section of 21st September 2007, observes:
“Northern Rock nationalised by state guarantee”. This astute observation was made within seven days of the government’s commitment. However, after almost seven centuries, no English institution has as yet been sufficiently objective to admit that the Duchy of Cornwall is in fact guaranteed by the state and therefore ‘nationalised’ for the benefit of the heir to the throne, who since 1337, claimed ownership of the Stannaries and operated as the government of Cornwall. In the case of the Duke of Cornwall a state guaranteed income has long since been in place for one person rather than for the public in general as for Northern Rock.

Also on 21st September 2007, The Guardian, Diary, Hugh Muir, observes; During a combative question and answer session, she (Barbara Follett, the equalities minister), admitted she was reacting to a document on the Commission for Racial Equality which she had not read. Still, at least she turned up. Harriet Harman, the secretary of state for equality, didn’t show at all”.

“Perhaps she was disturbed by events in Cornwall where a senior member of the Cornish Stannary “Parliament” has been arrested amid claims that he was part of a terrorist plot by the Cornish National Liberation Army to bomb restaurants owned by chefs Jamei Oliver and Rick Stein. The group made threats to a local paper that were sent by e-mail via an Arabic web-hosting service. Hugh Rowe, 53, denies any involvement in the plot and insists the self-styled nationalist parliament is “peaceful, proactive and positive”. One key line of enquiry will be to establish who could possibly harbour ill will towards Jamie Oliver. The questioning will begin at Land’s End and progress to John O’ Groats”.

The Cornish Stannary “Parliament” has for many years been questioning just why the nationalised Duchy of Cornwall is presented to the public as a “private estate”. Of equal importance is our campaign to have a “state guarantee” of equality before the law provided in English law as an effective means to control people in power. Our Secretary of State and minister of equality do not appear to be interested and the press cannot see the plot hidden beneath English political pride. This becomes evident when reference is made to the Constitution of the Monarchy of Sweden, which, at Article 1/9 provides, for the benefit of minorities, as affirmed by Article 7 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: “Courts and public authorities shall observe in their work equality before the law”, and, the United Nations International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination, Article 2 (1c) states:- “Each Party shall take effective measures to nullify any laws perpetuating racial discrimination”.

There is lots more, but still politicians set themselves up for an ego trip with “combative question and answer sessions” otherwise known as public consultation with apparently no intention of changing the law by incorporating tried and tested United Nations Human Rights law into an Act of “Parliament”.

As Cornish, we are statistically invisible on police forms, education, census, health and housing forms, etc. What should we do with all these forms?

Yes, the Cornish Stannary “Parliament” has no time for violence. Whereas, police action, if investigated impartially, would arouse the suspicion of politics by other means. The motive would appear to be an attempt to assist politicians in covering up the ongoing official refusal to recognise the right of the Cornish to exist as a national minority. In place of introducing equality before the law into English law, we are being subjected to official attempts to intimidate and criminalize the Cornish messenger.

Plot, what plot? In English law the Cornish have no right to self-identify as Cornish. This may just be what the Duke of Cornwall ordered under his rights provided by Standing Order No.7.178 of the Westminster “Parliament”. Another key line of enquiry would be to expose the plot behind the various interpretations placed on “equality” by Her Majesty’s government at the Departments of Justice, Constitutional Affairs and Equality as well as the Privy Council, the Crown Estate, the Crown Courts, the Crown Prosecution Service and the Commission for Racial Equality.

Is it merely a question of racial discrimination? If so, which Acts of “Parliament” have been abolished under United Nations law?

On 6th September 2007, Hugh Rowe of the Cornish Stannary “Parliament” was arrested “on suspicion of conspiracy to possess a firearm with intent to cause fear of violence”. While in custody, the following items were removed as evidence from his private address in Camborne:-

1. Two copies of the book on Cornish history “Breaking the Chains” by John Angarrack (Published 1999).

2. The Cornish Constitution by the Cornish Stannary Parliament.
(Published 2002).

3. Various documents on European and United Nations human rights.

4. A copy of the proposed 2011 Census form.

5. Cornish language tapes.

6. A personal address book

7. A purple folder containing Stannary evidence to a Public Inquiry on the
proposed construction of a housing estate in Camborne which is suspected
of being intended to provide second homes rather than meeting local
housing needs.

8. Notes on Stannary evidence given at the Carlyon Bay Public Inquiry
concerning a block of 500 flats, possibly for second homes, on a beach
suspected of being the property of the Duke of Cornwall, heir to the throne.

9. A computer tower.

10. Three Cornish flags.

11. Miscellaneous items unrelated to the use of firearms for violence.

A licensed air-rifle was not taken away.

After twelve hours in custody, Hugh Rowe was released on bail till mid-January 2008. Following protests by Stannary members of an infringement of the right to freedom of expression, (ECHR Article 10), only items 1, 2, 7 and 10 were recovered from the Police at Bodmin on 21st September 2007.

With the Police acting as a political weapon of the state, we are beginning to learn what happens to people who carelessly talk about equality before the law and freedom of expression for everyone.

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