FCNM draft report and FOI Act Request for Information.

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Letter from CSP to Ian Naysmith Race Equality Unit:- 07/12/2006

Dear Mr Naysmith

I am writing to you again in regard to the United Kingdom Framework Convention Compliance Report to the Council of Europe which is, as you know, despite being nearly three years late, still outstanding.

Bearing in mind that the British government has been very quick to point out to other governments the deficiencies and limitations in regard to their application of internationally accepted standards of human and civil rights, it is surprising, therefore, that it is ignoring its own legal duty to provide the Council of Europe with its UK Compliance Report on how it treats its own minorities.

Although I accept that you are not personally responsible for making any decision in respect to this outstanding matter, I would like to know what approaches you have made to the minister regarding our meeting, more than two and a half years ago, when your head of department, Mr Bruce Gill, assured us that he would be fully briefing the then minister, Ms Mactaggart regarding the Cornish situation. Why has this minister, and, indeed, any of her colleagues, subsequently failed to discuss this very serious matter with members of the Cornish minority?

Under the Freedom of Information Act, 2000, I now make this further request for information:

1) which UK government minister is responsible for this decision?

2) Which government departments (national and local) have been consulted in regard to the inclusion, or otherwise, of the Cornish within the Framework Convention?

3) Which private bodies, or individuals, have been similarly consulted?

4) Has the Duchy of Cornwall either been consulted, or expressed an opinion, in regard to the matter of the Cornish and the Convention? If not, why not?

5) Is the minister aware of the legal implications of its cavalier approach to its international responsibilities?

6) When will the Report be made available for the public's inspection?

I would be most grateful if you would provide copies of ALL correspondence relating to the above queries.

Finally, I am sure you will understand why I am copying this e-mail to the Council of Europe's Secretariat of the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities.