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CSP letter in reply to the "The United Kingdom's Draft Second Report to the Council of Europe under the Framework Convention for the Protectional of National Minorities"

To:- Neil Harris,
Race Equality Unit,
Dept. for Communities and Local Government,
7th Floor, Eland House,
Bressendon Place,
13th December 2006

Reference:- "The United Kingdom's Draft Second Report to the Council of Europe under the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities" received with thanks today.

The accompanying letter states "Responses invited by the latest 20th January 2007". In order to be in a position to be able to submit an informed response to the Department, would you kindly attend to the following at your earliest convenience:-

1. Please send me a copy of the Department's definition of "the RRA formula" as stated at para. 17 on page 9 of the Draft Report?

2. The Race Relations Act 1976 was amended by European Community Directive 2000/43/EC, which came into force on 19th July 2003. Is "The right to equality before the law", as stated at para. 3 of the aforementioned Directive, applied in all the administrative practices of the Department?

3. What is the Department's definition of "national minority" as found at Article 3 of the Framework Convention; (quoted at the top of page 8 of the Draft Report); Article14 of the European Convention of Human Rights reproduced at Schedule 1, Part 1 of the Human Rights Act 1998 and again at paragraph 14 of the Draft Report?

4. Why has Article 13, "violations by persons acting in an official capacity", been omitted from the Human Rights Act 1998?

5. I would also appreciate a list of the consultees to which reference is made at para. 17 of the draft report and any exchanges with official bodies including HM Treasury.

6. Does the concept 'Crown', as in the oath of allegiance to the 'Crown' taken by Ministers, Judges, and M.P.s, include the Heir to the Throne who is born Duke of Cornwall?

Your Sincerely..
(CSP representative..)

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