Many Questions, No Answers.

Over a period of years the Cornish Stannary Parliament has been asking many questions. These were mostly directed towards government departments and the main satellite office in Cornwall the County Council.

Over a period of years the Cornish Stannary Parliament has been asking many questions. These were mostly directed towards government departments and the main satellite office in Cornwall the County Council.

1. Have all the Commonwealth countries rejected the English device of an unwritten constitution because it fails to control people in power? No answer.

2. Why has the human rights Article 13 (as in the European Convention of Human Rights) against violations by persons acting in an official capacity been excluded from the Human Rights Act 1998?
No answer.

3. Is there a law which authorises exclusive financial support for English culture and none for Cornish culture? No answer.

4. Why has the written promise of citizen's rights "for ever" in Magna Carta been scrapped? No answer.

5. Why has the written promise of rights and privileges "for ever" for the heir to the throne in the Duchy of Cornwall charters been accepted a permanent constitutional law? No answer.

6. Why is Devon county claiming to be Celtic when the English King Athelstan expelled the Cornish from Devon county in 936 and gave their confiscated land to English people? No answer.

7. Why is Stonehenge presented to the world by the state funded English Heritage as if it were English heritage when it was in Britain centuries before the English invasions? No answer.

8. Why is there no state funded British Heritage in Britain. No answer.

9. Why was the "Historic Buildings and Monuments Commission for England" able to ignore Parliament and change its name to "English Heritage"? No answer.

10. Why is Cornwall given the title of "county" by the English majority of Britain when the Constitutional Commission of 1970 recognised Cornwall as a Duchy? No answer.

11. Does the Duchy of Cornwall claim "the stannaries" as the personal property of the heir to the throne in order to extend the territorial possessions of the Duchy to cover the whole of Cornwall? No answer.

12. Why does the Tamar Bridge Act 1998 confirm "rights, powers, privileges and the general law of the Duchy of Cornwall." No answer.

13. Why is the Duchy of Cornwall in receipt of Objective One funding when its land is exempt from planning controls and compulsory purchase by Act of Parliament? No comment.

14. Why are there Acts of Parliament to give the heir to the throne, as Duke of Cornwall, the foreshore of Cornwall, treasure trove in Cornwall, back date claims to property in Cornwall, the pre-emption of tin, ownership of all minerals in Cornwall and intestate estates (The property of people dying without a will) in Cornwall? No answer.

15. Why are there injunctions in the House of Commons and the House of Lords to prevent questions regarding the Duchy of Cornwall? No Answer.

16. Why is the Duchy of Cornwall promoted as a "private estate" when many acts of parliament refer to it as "the appropriate authority"? No answer.

17. Why does the government threaten to withdraw the Cornish Mining World Heritage bid to UNESCO if Acts of Parliament relevant to the constitutional relationship between Cornish mining and the heir to the throne are included? No answer.

18. When will the English state religion be disestablished and its Cornish properties returned to the people of Cornwall who helped to convert English people to Christianity? No answer.

19. Bearing mind that the Catholic Church has apologised for its sins of the past, when will the Church of England make amends for the slaughter of Cornish people in 1549? No answer.

20. Why do schools begin history lessons with "Romans" and "Anglo-Saxons" and ignore the original Celtic population of Britain? No answer.

21. Why are officials told to suppress the Cornish Celtic identity by excluding "Cornish" and offering only "English" as an option on official forms contrary Article 10 of the European Convention of Human Rights? No answer.

22. How can "English" be a separate official nationality when there are only British passports available to British subjects? No answer.

23. Why is there no guarantee of equality before the law in English law? No answer.

24. How can the Crown Court and the Crown Prosecution Service be "independent and impartial", as required by Article 6 of the European Convention of Human Rights, in matters concerning the "Crown" or the "Duchy". No answer.

25. Why did the Crown prosecution issue a Public Interest Immunity Certificate in the case of the removal of 18 English Heritage signs from Cornish heritage sites by three stannators who were found not guilty? No answer.

26. Why are millions of pounds spent annually to teach English people to speak English while nothing is spent to teach Cornish people to speak Cornish? No answer.

27. Why have the Cornish been excluded from the Council of Europe's Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities? No answer.

28. Why has the constitutional position of the Stannaries and the Duchy of Cornwall been gerrymandered and suppressed? No answer.

29. Are too many English people hiding their nationalism when they claim to be modern and tolerant and yet carry on exploiting the unwritten constitution to impose English cultural conformity on the original British people of Cornwall? No answer.

30. Why is the media in Cornwall not interested in these questions? No answer.


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