The Stannary Success Story

What has happened to English institutions since the Cornish Stannary Parliament has been telling them about the facts of the Cornish national identity?

Have they agreed to accept the facts, a multi-cultural Britain and cultural diversity?

No, it's the old colonial problem, never admit a mistake, turn up the propaganda volume to cover up the facts.

Have they been cloned to believe that Cornwall is part of England? Rather than accept our British heritage and their own Germanic roots, English organisations are competing for control over the soul and spirit of Cornwall, in many cases with Cornish tax payer's money.

The great pretenders of the unblemished history of the monarchy are creeping out of the wood to resuscitate the old tarnished mythology of a greater England. After having made a mess of England, the Empire and the Commonwealth they now focus their lost dream of England on King Arthur, Cornwall, and the Duke of Cornwall as heir to the throne of England.

Have they forgotten the "Act of Union 1706" with Scotland when the kingdoms of England and Scotland came to an end to be replaced by one "kingdom" the "United Kingdom of Great Britain". English fundamentalists ignore their own law and constitution when it comes to England uber alles.

What has happened since the Cornish Stannary Parliament's successful court case regarding the removal of English Heritage signs throughout Cornwall. The system has been exposed as a dictatorial structure. The English legal system, the House of Commons, government departments and local authorities are desperately flapping about trying to protect the feudal privileges of, and concoct new rights for, the Dukes of Cornwall Even now we await an overdue response from the Lord Chancellor's Department on the constitutional position of the Duchy of Cornwall.

English Heritage has also been exposed as a fish out of water in Cornwall. It has entered the political arena to propagandise English political and nationalist objectives as cultural preservation. It is working on the assumption that it has a mandate from the English national majority of England to declare a Cornish nationality to be illegal - even though you have a British passport - you are taken to be English like it or lump it.

Can English law really change the identity of the Cornish people? Don't they know about Human Rights Law?

The great pretender, English Heritage has even put "2000 years of History" on its signs in Cornwall as if the English were in Britain 2000 years ago. A lie which the great majority of the English public seem anxious to believe without question.

Can they really go on telling children's stories to adults for ever?

The great lie that the Englishman Stevenson invented the steam locomotive, rather that the Cornishman Richard Trevithick, has been injected into the minds of English people since childhood, and the appearance of Stevenson on the 5 note has been used as proof, for English people, of England's supposed superiority and Cornwall's supposed inferiority.
What, may we ask comes next in the relentless campaign, now centuries old, of trying to convert the Cornish to a fictional English nationality.

What next?

Make them get planning permission to fly the Cornish flag. Well, that's been tried before. 'The West Briton' front page headlines of 11th May 1995, reveal " "Stannary Parliament face flag challenge". The article begins, "The Cornish flag is flying this week in defiance of Kerrier Council's ruling that it needs permission"

This was just another Stannary success against the forces of English imperialism.

What next?

'The West Briton' of 23rd May 2002 reports on an "England's Future Association" busy in Cornwall. It claims there is an erosion of traditional English values. We hope so. These English values include the House of Lords which is so biased in favour of English nationalism that the system has never been adopted by any other country. Would anyone seriously interested in democratic accountability and tolerance between people of different racial origins want a House of Lords?

What next?

Then there is "English Heritage", a name adopted without being authorised by parliament (refer the National Heritage Act 1983) as if any promotion conscious Anglocrat is authorised to do anything he or she likes to promote England regardless of the constitution, the law, human rights or the facts.

What next?

Another unfortunate traditional English tradition which is slow to erode is the election of M.P., who are forbidden to ask questions about the role of the Duchy of Cornwall, including its exemption from planning permission and receipt of intestate estates in Cornwall. (Letter from the House of Commons Library dated 16th June 1997).

What next?

Lean on the press to prevent them publishing anything positive about the Cornish Stannary Parliament? The Stannary membership of the Federal Union of European Nationalities (FUEN) is ignored and its help in pressing the British government to do the decent thing and recognise the right of the Cornish to exist as a separate Celtic people is treated as a non-event. The attendance of Stannary member's at FUEN conferences in Europe is the subject of a news blackout by every local media organisation as if they were all acting like puppets on a string. (No excuse for using the taboo word "Federal")

What next?

Deny that European Union Law is superior to English law and pretend that Parliament is supreme so that the Cornish will lose hope of ever getting recognition for their Celtic identity and the right to take over from the state subsidised English Heritage their own heritage sites.

What next?

It's time to face up to the fact that peddling English racial suprematism may have been rampant and popular for English nationalists in the past but there is certainly no place for it in the global market of the modern world, let alone Cornwall.

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