The Lost Age of Reason?

On this small planet we are all adrift "in the same boat". Unpredictable winds may blow revenge back into our own faces. Conflict by reasoning must, therefore, not be allowed to die with the victims of terrorism. This sentiment would surely reflect the views of Thomas Paine (1737-1809) the author of "Common Sense", "The Rights of Man" and not least of all "The Age of Reason", who, accused of treason in Britain for his views, fled to America.

Many Cornish families have relations in America. Our family bonds make us all Americans in our shared belief in the American republican principle of equality.


A global legal system

The American Declaration of Independence affirms "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness". An equally admirable self-evident truth is, we believe, that "no man can be a judge in his own cause", from which "equality before the law" must follow. These principles are basic for peace, justice, prosperity and mutual respect in a world where peace means, conflict controlled by predetermined international rules to avoid unnecessary violence or a tragedy of classic proportions.

Will man's inhumanity to his fellow, man, woman and child bring us all to mourn the loss of the Age of Reason? Some governments are getting too dictatorial. To control governments, the global economy, and anybody else out of control, there is an urgent need for a global legal system, a global Supreme Court and a genuine multi-national, United Nations police force.

The American republican constitution deserves to be taken as a model for everyone to follow.

Who avoids the rules?

Meanwhile, back in the old world, a convenient exemption from the rules for English politicians is the dubious tradition of an unwritten constitution, a "sovereign" Parliament, which includes an unelected House of Lords. Recently, there is the arrogant exclusion of Article 13 of the European Convention of Human Rights from the Human Rights Act 1998. Article 13 outlaws "violations of the Convention by persons acting in an official capacity".

In an age of reason conflict is confined to the rules of the game. In the United Kingdom overblown ambition and pride seeks exemptions from the rule. Get a result. Be a winner. The name of the game is that you must always win at all costs, otherwise it's political suicide. Change the goal posts, turn up the propaganda volume, make it a conspiracy to disagree.

Whether by F.I.F.A. for football or the United Nations for nations, no reasonable person can expect to define the rules for 'racism' or 'good' or 'evil' exclusively in conformity with his/her own terms of reference or home grown brand of fundamentalism.
Definitions, rules and laws must be good for all peoples at all times. In a clear corruption of "self evident truths" exemptions slip into a legal system to support privilege or racial or blue blooded superiority based on the crude political doctrine that asserts "biggest is best" or we have "a divine right".

In 1993 the Cornish Stannary Parliament passed the European and the United Nations Conventions of Human Rights into Stannary Law. To us, it is still obvious that any set of rules, must, to be widely acceptable, be the result of multi-national, multi-cultural agreement.

An unwritten British constitution permits the abuse of power in Cornwall

The lack of a written British constitution represents a serious failure to provide clear and visible rules for a self-centred and unequal political game. If there is still an age of reason, it represents a betrayal of trust and an official act of conspiracy by the English majority to avoid the reasonable democratic rule of being accountable for one's actions.


If such a document were available, a written British constitution would have to include an Article detailing the legally protected funding provisions for the heir to the throne, the Duke of Cornwall, Prince Charles. It would show that the Duke of Cornwall, unlike the American President, is not only above the law and beyond investigation by the Westminster Parliament, but also has "rights, property and profits" (Crown Proceedings Act 1947, s.40 (g) ) available in Cornwall. These exceptions are in contrast to the fact that Cornwall suffers one of the lowest G.D.P.s, in Europe. Such a British written constitution would clearly be read by the world at large as unreasonable, unprincipled, insular, biased and racist. On close inspection, the British constitution remains unwritten because it would reveal a catalogue of exclusive constitutional conventions to protect those in power. This is the opposite of the normal. The whole point of a written constitution is to provide the citizen with the legal means of redress against the abuse of power and a guarantee of his or her civil rights.

To frustrate the rights of the Cornish as a Celtic nation and to cover up the absence of cultural toleration, many bureaucrats are employed to achieve the economic, cultural and political annexation of Cornwall into England. They have recently been joined by the intensive propaganda campaign by the state subsidised English Heritage in Celtic Cornwall. No reason is given for adopting the policies of the tyrant Henry VIII whose officials were rewarded for plundering far and wide and imposing a similar no choice organisation, the English state religion, the Church of England. Apparently, we, with our British passports and Cornish roots, are still expected to believe we are English by sovereign and Parliamentary decrees, like it or else. This affront to our way of "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness" understandably lead to departures to embrace the republican principles of the "New World".

There is hope at hand for curbing the abuse of power in Britain. All too often establishment figures cannot adopt reason and act as the "judge in their own cause" when confronted with expressions of our Cornish Celtic identity. A paranoid reaction interprets anything Cornish as a threat to the supremacy of English nationalism which is completely obsessed with abusing political power to change our Cornish Celtic nationality to Anglo-Saxon English.

The "special relationship" may yet bring English politicians into the mainstream of democracy (a Greek concept) by learning from the American constitution (a Latin word) that reason must prevail through respect for the contribution of all nations. Other Europeans are way ahead with constitutions designed to provide a redress for this unchecked abuse of political power and responsible people have dedicated themselves to providing written guarantees to protect the identity and culture of minorities and prevent Parliaments and legislatures from passing, and maintaining beyond their sell by date, racist and discriminatory laws. (Parliament is a French word)

Small is beautiful

The globe has many worlds full of people prepared to live and let live. Nobody likes being exploited and it is not a pretty picture to see that almost every religion has dumped its principles of respect for all life in order to wage war for some other temporary cause because religious leaders and their politicians have failed to create an effective global arbitration system.

Thomas Paine wrote; "Independence is my happiness, my country is my world and my religion is to do good".

In our country of Cornwall, which has been our world since pre-Christian, pre-Roman and pre-English times, we want happiness in this our own small corner of the ever shrinking globe. We want to let you all know, despite the loud and blunt English propaganda to the contrary, that we are one of many nations with its own institutions, history and language.

Unfortunately, English elitism politics is a stubborn barrier to understanding "self-evident truths". We are a small indigenous nation inexplicably claimed by our English neighbour as part of England, which is itself, part of Britain, otherwise known as the United Kingdom. There were no English people in Britain at the time of Christ they are, therefore, not an indigenous people of Britain. The Jews, for example, reclaimed their land after 2000 years.

Now, what is the point of this English takeover? Can the English establishment genuinely be involved in "the pursuit of Happiness" when it crushes and grabs the small and beautiful?

No democratic decision

The only listening government is the one listening to all our, and your, e-mails, faxes and telephone conversations which, to maintain the status quo, will doubtless be passed to such organisations as the Crown Prosecution Service to assist in the prosecution of those, outside America, who seek to promote the American republican principle of equality before the law.

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