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On the Road to Justice for the Cornish

Following rejection of a separate “Cornish Heritage” organisation for Cornwall by the Department for Culture Media and Sport in August 1998 and the refusal of the Home Office to extend the provisions of the “Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities” to the Cornish in February 1999…………….

During 2000the Bailiff of the Cornish Stannary Parliament with the authority of the Stannary Charter of Pardon of 1508, confiscated 18 English Heritage signs at archaeological sites in Cornwall – each removal notified to English Heritage by fax and details placed on Cornish Heritage web site. Police notified in September.

Reason:- Pre-English archaeological sites of Celtic Cornwall are falsely described as the heritage of the English people for English racial advantage. De facto political power insufficient authorisation in international law for the denial of the right for Cornish cultural heritage to exist as an official and separate expression of humanity. A denial of the “pristine honours” provision for Cornish culture in Duchy of Cornwall Charter 1337.

14th November 2000 Stannators Rodney Nute and Hugh Rowe remove signs at Pendennis Castle - photographed by Stannator Nigel Hicks. Stannator Colin Murley present as legal advisor. Rodney and Hugh arrested at Falmouth with three English Heritage signs on roof of Rodney Nute’s car. Nigel and Colin return to scene of arrest to ensure no problems. Rodney and Hugh taken to Camborne police station. Colin and Nigel go to Camborne Police Station. Nigel also arrested on basis of witness testimony of “three” persons involved. Colin accepted as legal adviser by police who reject Nigel’s presence as photographer for Cornish Heritage internet site. Rodney, Hugh and Nigel charged with theft and interrogated separately at Camborne in presence of Colin.

2th December 2000Camborne Magistrates Court – Legal representative – Stannator C.Murley – Case transferred to Crown Court.

15th January 2001First meeting with Solicitor Ian Wilson of Russell, Jones and Walker of Bristol at Exeter. Case full of documents handed over. Cornish solicitors suspected of being too involved with Duchy of Cornwall (Prince Charles is Duke of Cornwall) claims to intestate estates and treasure trove etc. Duchy also claim to own many archaeological sites in Cornwall including Tintagel castle.

26th February 2001 Truro Magistrates Court - Case referred to Crown Court Truro. Present:- Solicitor Ian Wilson and Rodney, Hugh, Nigel and Colin.

4th April 2001Penzance Magistrates Court. Good attempt by Solicitor to have case against Stannator Nigel Hicks dropped on the grounds of his being a reporter/photographer at scene of event only later classified by police as a crime.

15th May 2001 Conference with Solicitor Ian Wilson and Barrister Martin Picton for Rodney at Exeter. Rodney, Hugh, Nigel and Colin present.

25th May 2001Truro Crown Court – Case postponed. Judge refers to organisation “known as” English Heritage,

9th May 2001 Conference with Solicitor at Bristol Offices – Rodney, Hugh, Nigel and Colin present.

15th June 2001 Notified by Solicitor of names of Barristers - Fitton for Nigel and Nidd for Hugh, both of Albion Chambers, Bristol. On the Road to Justice for the Cornish.

19th June 2001Conference at Albion Chambers, Bristol with Ian Wilson and Martin Picton. Present Rodney, Hugh, Nigel and Colin.

9th August 2001 Truro Crown Court – Postponement agreed. Judge Rucker expresses the opinion “these people are here for publicity” “this is political” etc., etc. “I want this case listed for me”.

31st August 2001Conference at Exeter with Solicitor Ian Wilson. Barristers Martin Picton and Mike Fitton with Stannators Rodney Nute, Hugh Rowe, Nigel Hicks and Colin Murley.

Legal team presented by Stannator Colin Murley with hard copies of Foreshore Dispute and Articles of Agreement in the Cornwall Submarine Mines Act 1858 between Crown and Duchy of Cornwall as the government of Cornwall per Duchy Charters of 1337/8 and “the general law concerning Duchy rights, powers and privileges” referred to in the Tamar Bridge Act 1998. Also papers and floppy discs on “Stannary Ownership of the Soil” validity of 1508 Charter of Pardon through constitutional law as enshrined in the Statute in Force, Royal Mines Act 1693 in contrast to Duchy ‘rights’ to back date its claims to property in Cornwall. In addition reference documents on International Human Rights for national minorities and relevant case law. Barristers accept presenting Court with Skeleton Argument on challenge to jurisdiction of court in relation to 1508 Charter plus requiring from Crown Prosecution Service proof of ownership of archaeological sites by English Heritage and disclosure to the Defence of documents and information obtained that may be result of official surveillance and/or the subject of a Public Interest Immunity Certificate.

Barrister Mike Fitton agrees with Stannary protests and sends letter to Truro Crown Court asking Judge Rucker to withdraw from the case on account of his bias.

11th September 2001 Court informs Solicitor that Judge Rucker has directed that a judge other than himself will try the case.

26th October 2001 Truro Crown Court – Barristers fail to obtain adjournment of Case from the date fixed 14th January 2002. All resign from case owing to other commitments.

28th November 2001Conference at Solicitor’s Office at Bristol. Present Rodney, Hugh, Nigel and Colin. Introduced to new Barristers. Michael Shrimpton rejects validity of 1508 Charter. Wants to concentrate on National Heritage Act 1983 by which the “Historic Buildings and Monuments Commission for England” is not authorised to name itself “English Heritage”, under section 32, or extend its activities to Cornwall, under section 42. Stannary wants emphasis on “the stannaries” as legal and constitutional through being a “territorial possession” in Duchy of Cornwall Charter/Act of Parliament 1337. This negates Duchy claims to be a private estate. The Duchy of Cornwall is legally classified as “a mode of descent unknown to the common law”.

14th December 2001Rodney, Hugh, Nigel and Colin in conference with Solicitor at Bristol – Summary presented on all aspects considered relevant by Cornish Stannary Parliament -including, Stannary ownership of Cornish archaeological sites preserved for centuries under the provisions of Stannary law.

3rd January 2002 Crown Prosecution Service is granted a “Public Interest Immunity Certificate” by Judge Cottle at Exeter Crown Court to block certain disclosures to the Defence.

Monday 14th January 2002Truro Crown Court – Judge Cottle presiding. 9.30 am Barrister Michael Shrimpton proposes Colin Murley as defence witness expert on Stannary Law and Cornish history. Accepted.

10.30 am Trial begins. 11.00 am Crown Prosecution Service requests out of Court Settlement. Defence agree to pay £4,500.00 towards expense of new Cornish designs for signs at Cornish Archaeological sites and return old illegal “English Heritage” signs confiscated. Police to return Nigel’s Camera and Rodney’s oxy-acetylene equipment. Trial adjourned till Friday. Press embargo till 4.00pm Friday.

Friday 18th January 2002Judge enters a verdict of “not guilty”. Rodney, Hugh and Nigel exit the court pushing the mobile oxy-acetylene gear at the centre of “Operation Chough”


English Heritage could not justify its policies to win the case against the Cornish Stannary Parliament.

The Crown Prosecution Service retreated from the prospect of the Cornish Stannary Parliament presenting evidence exposing the illegality of acts by various government departments.

Unknown evidence collected by the Secret Services may have been manipulated and used to compromise the case of the Cornish Stannary Parliament.

The defendants were exposed to the possibility of losing their homes.

The enforced withdrawal of a Judge, the resignation of the first three Barristers, the change of the charge from “theft” to “conspiracy to commit criminal damage” and the introduction at a late stage of a “Public Interest Immunity Certificate”, together offer compelling evidence of political interference with the course of justice. It is strongly suspected that the hand of the Duchy of Cornwall is the most likely source for the unconstitutional abuse of power in its unpublicised role as the government of Cornwall.

9th January 2002 Report in the London “Guardian” entitled:- “How 3 Cornishmen and a raid on King Arthur’s castle rocked English Heritage”

“Western Morning News” publishes in depth report. Prints ‘politically correct’ mud slinging attempt by ‘Cornwall Colonial Council’ spokesperson Mike Gillbard, without asking him why none of the English political parties represented at ‘Colonial Hall’ have never passed a motion accepting the right of the Cornish Celts and their culture to exist officially.

20th January 2002 - The BBC 1 Television Service invites Rodney and Nigel to participate in a discussion programme. They accept. At 7.00 pm the invitation was cancelled by the BBC. For a few blissful hours, BBC officials carelessly forgot their Contracts of Employment, especially the section on ‘Grounds for Dismissal:- Failure to protect English people from the truth about the Duchy of Cornwall’.

See Also Sanctioning by the Stannary Parliament of the removal of the English Heritage signs