The Cornish Stannary Community is open to all Cornish people as the Heirs and Successors of generations of Cornish miners and supporting industries who have historically represented the whole of the Cornish nation. Its aims are:-


1) To support and assist the Cornish Stannary Parliament as the surviving Cornish Constitutional government and legislature for Stannary law from the days of an independent Cornish nation and which is now central to the historic national birthright of the Cornish people to control their own affairs on the principle of equality before the law as an independent nation within the framework of a united Europe.

2) To respect all customs, laws and regulations in force as determined by the Cornish Stannary Parliament and participate in democratic elections.

3) To expose and oppose all attempts to suppress the Celtic history, language and identity of the Cornish people and to support Stannary law and all Human Rights treaties of the council of Europe as the basis for a fair and just written Cornish Constitution for the Cornish as a British nation independent of England.


I :
of :
  Declare that (a) I am Cornish as one of my parents is of direct indigenous Cornish descent or, (b) I am Cornish by marriage, and that therefore, I consider myself to be an "heir and successor" of the Cornish Stannary Community who secured the Charter of Pardon from King Henry VII in 1508, confirmed as valid by the Lord Chancellor in 1977, which included the right to veto acts of the Monarchy, the Westminster Parliament and the Duchy of Cornwall. I further declare that I will always give my undivided loyalty to the principle of Stannary Government for Cornwall and that the above aims are my own without reservation and herewith apply for registration as a member of the Cornish Stannary Community membership of which will give me the right to stand and vote in election to the Cornish Stannary Parliament.
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