1. The Cornish Citizens Association (CCA) is open to "One and All". There are no restrictions on membership.
2. The Cornish Citizens Association (CCA) is affiliated to the non-political Cornish Stannary Parliament, (CSP) and members agree to support it's aims and objectives. The name Cornish Citizens Association, is the exclusive property of the Cornish Stannary Parliament and can be used only with it's written approval.
3. The Cornish Stannary Parliament is part of the pre-England British heritage. It is dedicated to restoring Cornish control over all aspects of Cornish cultural heritage and promoting self-government for Cornwall within Britain and the European Union. The CSP supports all Human Rights treaties and conventions.
4. Members should support legal action by the Cornish Stannary Parliament to secure the inclusion of Cornwall within the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities and to bring an end to anti-Cornish activities by anybody, whether government department; the European Union Commission; academic , educational, public or private body; local authority or the media.
5. Members are expected to discover, investigate and promote the laws, customs and constitutional rights of the Stannaries and participate in the Celtic cultural heritage and language of Kernow.
6. Members agree to give exclusive loyalty to Kernow/Cornwall as a nation.

"I accept that I will faithfully defend the rights of the Cornish people and promote the above aims and objectives as a member of the Cornish Citizens Association".

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